la 22. elok. | Kolmas linja 28

Katonah yoga masterclass with senior teacher IVY RAY

Grow/Build a more safe, sane, viable you, with an unbroken current of YOU as it’s ever emergent, known center, duly prepared for whatever life may hand you. All in an aim of becoming more evenly developed/freely functional, Whole, potent, conscious, virtuous.
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Katonah yoga masterclass with senior teacher IVY RAY

Time & Location

22. elok. 2020 klo 16.00 – 18.00
Kolmas linja 28, Kolmas linja 28, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

About the Event

A Two Hour Intensive with SENIOR KATONAH YOGA TEACHER IVY RAY "I had COVID twice. Viruses are a natural part of life, they mutate and seems there are two primary strains to this one. In my travels teaching, I got one early in the game and a bit later after recovery and traveling elsewhere in Europe I got the other. I pulled out of Everything for many months. How we Oriente, Consciously Relate, Independently Think and Assimilate morphs suffering and even global challenging circumstances into opportunity and overall change the likes of which one sometimes never could have imagined. None of this, nor this time has been wasted on me and everything is different, including myself." ~ Ivy Ray This event will take place in-studio at Pranama Kallio in Helsinki Finland with me via Big Screen from New York and Katonah Yoga teacher/Owner Elisa Kuuttila on-site with her community! Live stream for the rest of the world. We will drop right into NOW as it is Ripe; pregnant, it is where You, I and Everything intersect and in Truth, its all we've got. We will be filled to the brim in our two hours together. Our time will stand well on its own and serve as a window into what we will be covering/exploring in my upcoming 20 HR training (available as 10HR) at Pranama Kallio Sept 26th+27th and Oct 3+4 with same set up: Katonah Yoga teacher/owner Elisa Kuuttila In Studio with participants, me via Big Screen and live stream for everyone else. Details and Registration Very Soon on Pranama Kallios' website, my own and Katonah Yoga. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Teachers, students, family members, friends, those who have never done a stitch of Yoga (my forte :) And all who have had the virus. Your Body is where everything lives, happens and thrives or doesn't. Your greatest defense now: is to Grow / Build a more SAFE, sane, resilient, vibrant, functional, Over-All Well YOU in Conscious Partnership with Nature. A viable container for all of who you are becoming, duly prepared for whatever life may hand you. This all-inclusive System is for EveryOne and is to be Used Worn Lived and in time Embodied, into your already current life/tradition. Individual / Communal / Wholistic Practice for Personal / Cultural / Universal Well-Being ~ Ivy Ray All hours with Ivy Ray go toward your Katonah Yoga Certification. Price: 20/25€ (Use code IVY to change the price) Tickets: "IVY RAY IS EPIC. SHE’S SOULFUL, WISE, POWERFUL AND GENEROUS. SHE IS A MASTER TEACHER. SHE OWNS THE PROFOUND WORK THAT SHE TEACHES AND OH THAT VOICE...BRING HER INTO YOUR LIFE" — THOMAS BAHLER, AWARD WINNING COMPOSER AND PRODUCER, BESTSELLING AUTHOR AND LONG TIME MUSICAL PARTNER WITH  MULTIPLE GRAMMY AWARD WINNING PRODUCER / MUSICIAN LEGEND QUINCY JONES IVY RAY is a is a Mother, native New Yorker, singer, formerly signed recording artist, voice-over talent, published songwriter and consultant. She has been with Katonah Yoga Founder, Nevine Michaan, learning, intimately practicing, teaching and living the Katonah Yoga Material for 22 years. Ivy has landed with a Unique Wholistic Synthesis all her own. Her forte has primarily been private instruction and intimate systematic groups. Her work has spanned from much therapeutics, educators, mothers, elites in business, sports, literature, music, and the arts, to top women’s organizations, physicians, therapists, young adults and all the wild and lovely in between. Ivy has re-emerged over the last few years as a unique/potent voice in World Culture, Katonah Yoga Teacher Trainings and Intensives. Ivy is informed and inspired by the Natural World, the magic and wisdom of what has been, the privilege and great joy of her son and the daily Grace, Grit and Beauty of All Things Life. Ivy resides in New York City and Beacon, New York. To learn more pls visit her Soon to be Updated! Website: https://IvyRay.One For two years, Ivy has discreetly conducted an Advanced Mentorship Program for up and coming and newly certified Katonah Yoga teachers, Instructors of multiple disciplines and many lovely human beings. Prior to the Pandemic, her program was designed as a Long Weekend of 20 HRS, One on One , honoring the ancient oral tradition of teaching and mentorship, at her loft and surroundings in Beacon NY. For now we join via live stream for 5-10 HR sessions. Anything goes, as Everything is traceable to Your Body. Find me at Katonah Yoga® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination — in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being. To learn more please visit You can join this class at the studio or at your own home!

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